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It is important to build a career in the right company

Why us

"Reliability Technologies" is a team of professionals in the IT field

With us you will find not just a job, but also a place for professional and personal development. Here, every employee is valued as a specialist and as a person: we offer a developed corporate culture, training at a corporate university and participation in large innovative projects. Our goal is to create conditions under which everyone can realize their potential to 100%, working in a team of like-minded people. We are united by innovative thinking, honesty and openness, leadership and ambition.

Reliability TechnologiesLarge and experienced IT team (more than 350 specialists)
Reliability TechnologiesMany prospects for development
Reliability TechnologiesWorking on large-scale and innovative projects
Reliability TechnologiesOpenness and friendliness as a standard of communication

What comes first for you when choosing a job?

If all other factors are comparable, what will be the key factor for you?

Could it be a friendly team, a modern workspace, extensive benefits, or perhaps something else? Let us tell you why employees choose Reliability Technologies as their employer every day.

Reliability Technologies

We unite people who are ready to invest in projects and the team

We are looking for talented professionals who are passionate about their work. Join if you are interested in IT technologies and build a career with us!
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Start your journey in IT

TN GC provides a unique internship program for students. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you will be able to deepen your knowledge in your chosen field and apply it in practice, working on real projects. If you successfully complete the internship, you are guaranteed to get a job at the GC.

Reliability Technologies
Reliability Technologies

corporate life

Education and development

Our company encourages employees' desire for learning and professional growth. We encourage our employees not only to be active participants, but also to become initiators and experts.

Reliability Technologies

The Group operates a corporate university, accessible to all employees, and we also have a full-time English teacher who helps improve knowledge for people with different levels of language proficiency. We also regularly organize meetups where both invited experts and our own employees speak, sharing their knowledge and experience.

Learn and gain practical experience

The company has a library of electronic and paper books that is constantly being updated.

Reliability Technologies

Learn new things from the best

The company holds meetups and webinars every month. Invited experts and our employees speak

Reliability Technologies

Do you speak English?

The company has a speaking club and a full-time English teacher who helps improve knowledge at different levels of language proficiency.

Reliability Technologies

Movement is life!

We really love and support a healthy lifestyle, so all employees are compensated for exercising in the best fitness club in the city!

Reliability Technologies

Taking care of what matters most

We strive to make the lives of our employees comfortable, paying important attention not only to physical health, but also to other aspects of well-being.

Reliability TechnologiesReliability TechnologiesReliability TechnologiesReliability TechnologiesReliability Technologies

👛 Reliability Technologies

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Bright and unique

A group of companies is not just a job, it is a real life experience! We have a special detail that makes our corporate culture unique - internal corporate currency. This is a way to inspire and reward our employees for their hard work and dedication. You can manage this currency by exchanging it for privileges and various goods.

But that's not all!

Along with internal corporate currency, we have something else that makes our work experience even more unforgettable - our stylish merch! Which not only reflects our company culture, but also allows you to demonstrate your dedication and pride in being part of our team. Our stylish merch emphasizes your uniqueness and becomes part of your history in the company.

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