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About us

We accelerate and optimize your business using the latest technologies

Reliability Technologies Group is a team of professionals who have combined expertise from different IT segments. We work with leading Russian and international companies, covering for them a full range of tasks related to digital technologies: from electronics development to corporate information systems.


Development and implementation of solutions on the 1C platform

  • Electronic document management
  • Production management (MES)
  • ERP
  • Cargo transportation management
  • Specialized MRO management systems
  • Trade management
  • IT-Consulting

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the IS architecture and analysis of its compliance with business goals
  • Development of an IT strategy
  • Audit of the IT infrastructure
  • Development software

  • Corporate portals systems of regulatory and reference information
  • Customer data management systems
  • Automation of collection processes
  • Monitoring and reporting system
  • Integration with FSIS, QCD
  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms

  • Personal account of a bank employee
  • Solutions in the field of agriculture and medicine
  • Selection of IT specialists

  • Consulting
  • Review of trends in the labor market
  • Searching for candidates and conducting interviews
  • Guarantee of replacement based on the results of the probationary period
  • Electronics and FPGA

  • Electronics for transport
  • Technical vision systems
  • Communication controller for visual information systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Manufacture of control and printed circuit boards
  • Outsaffing of IT specialists

    Allocation of personnel for the project

  • Management on the customer's side
  • Convenient terms for connecting specialists
  • Saving time on selection and cost optimization
  • Dedicated development center

    Formation of a team and the necessary infrastructure for its successful work according to the customer’s needs

  • Long-term cooperation
  • Maintaining the level of competencies and processes
  • Coordination of the system of grades and approaches to the development of specialists
  • Flexible demand management and rapid scaling of the center
  • Projects

    We develop advanced IT solutions. We accelerate and optimize your business processes using the latest technologies

    VSK Insurance House

    Personal cargo insurance account for legal entities

    Providing online access to insurance services and the entire complex of electronic document management. Users are employees of insurance companies and their clients (legal entities). User Roles: Access Administrator, Policyholder Administrator, Policyholder Employee, VSK Manager, Head of the BOS, BOS Employee, DMP employee, OISU employee, Technical support. Main functions: • Formation and editing of an insurance policy; • Creating, filling in and editing declarations for one or many shipments (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly); • Formation, editing, approval or rejection of monthly and quarterly Border, as well as the creation of Border accounts; • Verification/automatic verification of carriers for admission to transportation; • Registration of insurance cases; • Formation of statistics of individual policyholders and reports on general policies, declarations, Borders and insurance cases. Advantages of the application: • Optimization of the process of providing and receiving documentation; • Speeding up the process of reviewing and processing applications and documents; • Convenience of obtaining information in your personal account.


    RCM: Navigator

    Industrial equipment reliability management system.

    A system for managing repairs and reliability of industrial equipment, ensuring stable operation of assets by planning and performing maintenance work. The solution is based on the RCM methodology to form an optimal risk-oriented service strategy


    Dedicated Home Bank Development Center

    - More than 9 years of development; - More than 15 teams; - A well-developed system of grades and approaches to the development of specialists; - - Horizontal growth and vertical growth of specialists (QA->SA, QA->QA, Dev->Lead, etc.) - Flexible needs management and rapid scaling of the center.


    Installment card

    A tool for making purchases in installments and without overpayment, not only from the bank's partner companies, but also in any stores with similar offers. Development of end-to-end data integration of new processes, which affected the refinement of the corporate data warehouse in terms of applications, contracts, debt collection and repayment, financial protection and other areas.


    Corporate Data Storage

    Analysis and expansion of the bank's corporate data warehouse in accordance with changes and extensions of the bank's accounting systems, legislation and analysis methods.


    Implementation of retail lending projects

    - Support and development of credit pipelines; - Introduction of the product catalog; - Introduction of the mortgage pipeline; - Implementation of processes for "TOP-UP" products, "Pre-approved offers"; - Implementation of the PD module - a risk management tool; - Implementation of application processing processes for consumer loans and credit cards.


    Grocery catalog

    - Organization of a "single window" for managing the bank's tariffs; - Elimination of duplication of price lists in different sources; - Flexible configuration of products and tariffs; - Reduction of the execution time of tariff settings and structural products; - Omnichannel delivery of personalized offers; - Scalability while expanding the customer base.


    Ministry of Agriculture

    Service for sending reports on preferential loans to Ministry of Agriculture

    - Integration with the FIS of the Ministry of Agriculture through the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction;- Receiving data from the corporate data storage bank;- Web client (automated workplace) for managing the reporting process



    The service allows investors to get acquainted and, if desired, immediately invest their capital in unique trading ideas that can be found on the market.

    Development and support of a service that collects, stores and provides information on various investment ideas, as well as related products, in a user-friendly form. Tasks: 1. Analysis of the current operation of the functional; 2. Improvement of the current functionality of the showcase; 3. Manual and automatic loading of investment ideas and products (stocks, bonds, etc.); 4. Automatic update of quotes (via Bloomberg or FAIRY); 5. Automatic loading of daily reports and comments from FII and Global Markets analysts; 6. Automatic linking of products to ideas and removal of irrelevant products from the investment idea card through the product catalog.



    Aggregator, a tool for creating and provider of investment ideas from analysts of brokerage companies.

    Tasks: 1. Maintenance and development of microservices on the OKD platform, development of new microservices for integration; 2. Implementation of integration with external suppliers of investment ideas; 3. Implementation of integration with consumers of investment ideas; 4. Implementation of reference books on the main components of investment ideas; 5. Development of analyst ratings and evaluation of the success of investment ideas; 6. Development of a tool for creating news about the behavior of securities in the market.


    PA Dubai

    Optimization of the sales process of structural products for legal entities (LE).

    LE will be registered in the special economic zone and will be authorized by the regulator to carry out the following activities: • Conclusion of investment transactions; • Financial consulting; • Agency when concluding investment transactions; • Asset Management; • Organization of custodial service. Tasks: 1. Support and development of the Dubai personal account for opening an account and buying a structural product. 2. Maintenance and development of 10 microservices on the OKD platform that allow operations from the PA Dubai: a) Opening an account b) Purchase of a product c) Filling out a customer questionnaire d) Risk profiling e) DS factory f) Client requests



    Creation and development of a service for the exchange placement of mutual funds:

    1. MS Procuration (power of attorney service) - Execution of a power of attorney/creation of proxies/ authorized representatives (guardians, trustees)/nominal holders; 2. Refactoring the client base on Sharepoint. Storage and management of powers of attorney + mapping of the client's ID to the entity DL/UP/ND 3. MS Primary PIF (primary mutual fund service) – acquisition, repayment, exchange of shares. (for nominal holders, taking into account the reality of clause 1 by the second stage) 1C Mutual fund + EVA 4. MS Personal account (personal account service) – opening, closing a personal account, generating a certificate, personal account statement – 1C Mutual fund + ABS or EVA 5. MS UK Client (UK client service) is a service for managing personal data of a UK client, including updating data to regulatory structures. Refactoring the client base on Sharepoint. The client's broadcast to EVA.



    Development and development of the bank's internal system for analyzing the performance indicators (KPIs) of the bank's employees engaged in operational activities.

    Allows you to build "Sales funnels", analyze the efficiency of the use of office time, consider in detail the operations performed, etc.



    Integration of the corporate data warehouse with the recruitment platform .

    An analytical HR tool that allows you to get statistics for management: planning the number and workload of employees, building predictive models to improve the quality of recruitment.



    Design and development of the bank's claim production automation system.



    Development of a system for working with credit agreements and insurance for individuals.



    The subsystem is designed to account for the bank's loan portfolio, monitor current contracts, receive reports, and organize automated workplaces for employees involved in supporting bank settlements with clients in the field of credit and financial activities.

    Allows you to automate both work with contracts of legal entities and with contracts of individuals, with the volume of retail business up to 100,000-200,000 active contracts.



    Audit of the IT infrastructure, development of recommendations for the development and transformation of the existing architecture of information systems and processes, taking into account the priorities and basic needs of the business.

    • Study of the current processes and features of the Customer's accounting. Data collection and analysis in terms of management accounting and process automation needs; • Analysis of the existing IT architecture and means of integration of information systems; • Exploring the capabilities of server resources and network infrastructure, correlating them with business needs and opportunities for the development of IT infrastructure: - Analysis of hardware and software components of the Customer's servers; - Comparison of equipment configuration and assigned tasks; - Analysis of hardware components of the server infrastructure; - Analysis of software components of server infrastructure and workstations; - Analysis of the need for import substitution of hardware and software components of the server infrastructure of workstations; - Analysis of domain infrastructure and network services; - Evaluation of the hardware of the network infrastructure taking into account the needs of the Customer's business; - They do not analyze the network infrastructure in terms of equipment. Assessment of possible replacement of equipment with existing analogues on the Russian market; - Analysis of the backup system and development of recommendations on the possibilities of its improvement; - Analysis of network services: e-mail, telephony, cloud services



    Within the framework of the project, the process of drawing up vehicle routes based on requests for cargo transportation received from the ERP system has been automated. When planning applications for the transportation of livestock, grain and feed, the principles and restrictions characteristic of the agro-industrial segment were taken into account. Tasks: • Development of reports and treatments; • Revision of standard documents, development of non-standard forms taking into account the business processes of the organization; • Setting up a mechanism for accounting sanitary procedures; • Development of a mechanism for accounting for cyclic flights for the delivery of feed.


    PIG ID

    Mobile application for pig farming

    The application is designed for the prompt input of indicators of zootechnical accounting and information about technological and other production processes for subsequent integration with the main accounting system. The users of the application are animal technicians and operators at pig farms and farms. They have corresponding roles with different access to operations. Main functions: • * Data entry when performing operations with animals on pig farms (inspection, insemination, farrowing, planting/planting, disposal, relocation); • Viewing and editing data on previously performed operations; • Identification of animals by reading a QR code; • View pig farm animal cards. Advantages of the application: • Full integration with the industry solution "1C: Enterprise 8. Breeding in animal husbandry. Pig breeding"; • The ability to quickly enter a large amount of data; • The ability to work without a network connection with automatic data upload when a connection appears.


    They trust us

    The process of our work

    Defining the goals and requirements of the project

    Defining the goals and requirements of the project

    We carry out a pre-project analysis: we determine the goals of the project, its scope, budget, deadlines and get the "green light" to start work.

    Planning and presentation of the solution

    Planning and presentation of the solution

    We develop a detailed plan that includes the definition of the scope of tasks, the allocation of resources, the schedule of implementation and criteria for success.

    Conclusion of the contract and cooperation

    Conclusion of the contract and cooperation

    We approve the plan, schedule, discuss key terms of cooperation, consolidate agreements.

    Implementation of the solution

    Implementation of the solution

    We introduce you to a personal manager and execute the approved plan. We monitor the progress of the project, monitor the budget and deadlines.